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on the east of the Madanagopalasvanii temple.    The substance
of this charter is given below : —

Bokkasam Timmanna, the hrother-in-law of Cina Bhaijda-
ram Nagappa, the Superintendent of (with titles) Venfeatapati-
raya's treasury granted this charter, on Plava, Karttika, Łu 3.
to the farmers and Jcaranams of Koduru and Peddanapadu for
the cultivation of the fallow fields. From the year in vrhich
the fields are first ploughed, we agree to take the $utta fr>r
eight years (at the following rates) : —

Nature of
Year.            Extent.                  land                 Guiia.


1st                1 turn                     oeni*                      ?

„                      ,,                   yerra-ceht,               2 rTtkas

2nd                  3;                         Ť*                  3     r.

3rd                  ť                         Ť•                  4     „

4th                  „                         ...                  5     „

5th                  „                         ...                  6     „

The kavali (Le., the watchman's fee') is charged at half
(the usual) rate on the fallow fields for eight years, ar.d on
celika-celu for nine years, and on yerra-cSlu for six years .......

The farmers must store up this produce in the granary (ko$ant).
He who violates this is an unprincipled fellow.

["The Saka year is not mentioned in this inscription. From onr
knowledge of this Venkatapatiraya's inscriptions in other j-lacea, we find
that this year (Plava) corresponds to S.S. 15S3. This Venkuiapatiray*
having granted the chartpr of cnltivation, made the village populous. He
also provided Cor conducting worship iv ihe temples of the village. Baringr
the reigu oE this E^ya, Matla Knmara Anantaraja was governing thia

Foijiyat ofKtmmadM : L. V?- 10, pp. 14^&

Venkatapatiraya of Penugonda granted this village for
n&yankara to Jilella Cina Rangapatiraja.   As the village was
E— 37